Monday, October 25, 2010

Bonjour Blogger!

Hello Blogger. I am COCO hear me RAAAOOOWWRRR.... errmh well that was an awkward begining... let's start again... How do you do blogger? I'm Coco...Nice weather we're having...errmmm... NO TIME FOR THIS! Shall we just break the ice by saying what the heckeroonie this blog is going to be about? yes? good. good. This blog is going to be a pink powdery sugar puff in the shiny window display that is the internet (ooooh ahhh). It's going to be an everything blog (like those dang gang take 5 bars, peanut butter, pretzels, chocolate EVERYTHING I tell you) photography, words, fashion, clothes, pretty things, vintage finds, vintage sales, shops, websites, kittens, mittens and unicorns! Hows bout a big waaahooooo for kittens mittens and unicorns? :D 
and a happy hooting to ya!


incase you are intrigued by me, here's how you can track my every movement.
hmmm... It's possible I have too many of these... naaw (:

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